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NEW: Version 9

Inaccurate metadata due to incorrectly set camera? Missing information in scanned images?

shootShifter can help.

Existing GPS locations can be easily repositioned on the map, in the case of any inaccuracies. Additionally, it is possible to add new photo locations as needed:


Geotagging Quickstart

1. Moving existing locations:

  • Open map and select the pin(s).
  • (Make sure folder edit mode "Adjust Separately" is selected.)
  • Enable "Modify Locations"-mode:
    • Click the pin button on the map toolbar,
    • or press Cmd + L,
    • or hold Opt + Cmd.
  • Then move the "main" pin by dragging it around.
  • Or right-/ctrl-click the target position and select "Move to Click Position" from the context menu.
  • Then save the changes as you are used to with time changes. (A new location related option can be found in the "Advanced" save options on the save dialog.)

00:47, 2.9 MB 

2. Adding locations (images only):

  • Open map, ideally in multi-view (Cmd+6 or Cmd+7).
  • Find target places: Cmd+F and change the category if necessary (-> "Places").
  • (Make sure folder edit mode "Adjust Separately" is selected.)
  • Enable "Modify Locations"-mode, as described above.
  • (Pins are displayed on the thumbnails when the time grid is also visible, or on the previews in all other modes).
  • Drag the pin to the target position on the map.
  • Or right-/ctrl-click the target position and select "Add at Click Position" from the context menu.
  • Save.

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3. Aligning images along GPX-tracks:

  • Easiest way: Add .gpx files to the images folder before importing. Import folder. This should handle everything automatically.
  • Otherwise: Import track from its current location. It will be displayed in a map sidebar. Select image folder, select track, and chose "Link Track to Folder" from the context menu of the track table.
  • (More options are available in that menu, like "Change track time", etc.)
  • (Linked locations will be automatically updated if track or image times are modified.)
  • Save.

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Media without a location are automatically linked to the folder tracks. I.e. a location is added when the media time falls within a track time interval.

This connection can be removed if necessary, or media with an existing location can also be connected to the tracks (replacing the old locations), with the option "Edit / Changes (Folder) / Set Track Link State (Selection)".

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