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2020/07/20 - shootShifter 7.0.1
(macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later)

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Available on the Mac App Store

Available here now: Demo version!

2020/06/17 - shootShifter 7.0
(macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later)

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Preview, sort, redate and rename
NEW: Version 7

One of several cameras was set to a wrong date?
Or a time was not entirely correct? – Are all shots mixed up? – No problem anymore! Realigning the files is now surprisingly easy:

shootShifter presents photos and videos in chronological order on graphical timelines and grids.

Date and time changes can then be applied with several tools to individual files or complete folders. E.g. it is possible to directly enter new dates and times, or to simply move the thumbnails around on the timeline, etc.

Using the fullscreen preview and its related features, one can get a great overview over all the media and already here get rid of the least successful ones.
At the end the files can be renamed uniformly with standardized filenames using the user-configurable name templates.

And when everything is corrected this is still a very useful tool to quickly present media as fullscreen slideshows.

left right

"This tool is amazing. The developer clearly knew what he and we needed and made this task of merging photos from different cameras easy. I really feel I know what is going to happen to all my different timestamps. No black magic that leaves me wondering which timestamps get updated and which don't."

"This program is reliable and works as described. Used it to fix time differences with camera A and camera B from a wedding."

"Works wonders! Two wedding shooters with multiple cameras - their clocks set different - this program made it possible to get the images back in exact sequence. You can't imagine how much time this saved me."

"Definitely one of my go to tools to help photo management. And do not forget to check out the preferences, there are lots of options to finetune the program to exactly what you need."

"But where I found it most useful, was in getting a bunch of photos from various devices (that were not time or date synchronised), into the correct chronological order. This app made that process an absolute breeze."

More detailed overview

  • View files in chronological order on timelines or fullscreen grids, additional larger previews show further details.
  • Modify dates and times for individual files or complete folders at once: Enter new values or simply move thumbnails by drag & drop or keyboard shortcuts, or use the automatic realign options.
  • Quick selections: select thumbnails by media and file types, data sources, camera types, locations (radii) ... and more context dependent ones like: changes, possible errors, search results, etc. Or use the map to manually find and select media based on location data.
  • Quick navigation on timelines and grids: Use jump markers, jump to automatic "time chapters" (e.g. next/previous day), and utilize the "live-target" mode.
  • Select the appropriate source time zone for folders or single files (if it differs from the system). Date and time will still be displayed converted to system time, but now using the correct "source data". Saving date/time modifications is possible using system or the source time zone (or even another different one), as required.
  • Rename files using customizable name templates, with a sequence counter per folder or spanning all folders at once, use old file and/or folder names as the basis for new names, or set completely new ones.
  • View media in a fullscreen slideshow: With overview grid (for quick navigation), 100% loupe (even for videos), temporary video bookmarks (that can be exported as "Chapter Text", still images, or Live Photos), "locked random" mode (can be interrupted by non-random navigation and then reasonably resumed), etc. For quick slideshow-only usage, there is also a special express import option that skips all time parsing.
  • Save all app data as "Projects", so it is possible to quickly switch between different events, etc.
  • Supports JPG, TIFF, HEIC*, many RAW files (using EXIF, TIFF data), QT videos (and "alikes": MOV, MP4, etc.) and some AVIs (using MDTA, MVHD or RIFF data from the video header).
    (* High Sierra or later)
  • Other file types (GIF, PNG, unsupported RAWs and videos) or files without embedded metadata will be imported based on their filesystem date/times. At least these can be changed and the files can be renamed, too.
  • RAW+JPGs and Live Photos can be imported as file groups, so all changes are always applied to both files at the same time. XMP and AAE sidecar files are supported, too, so these will be moved and/or renamed together with the main files, and date/time modifications can be transferred to pre-existing XMP data.

Quickstart: A workflow example

1.Another event passed by and several people took a lot of great photos. Unfortunately they did not think about synchronizing their cameras beforehand. Therefore the resulting folders of images cannot be presented in correct sequence based on either the embedded time information or the filenames.

A simple correction of exactly one hour (forgot daylight saving time?) can ususally be achieved quite easily. But all too often its more difficult than that. Most of the time the actual order depends on seconds. And to find out these precise values for multiple folders its very valuable to have a fast graphical preview:

2.To import the media you can drag the folders onto the app. (Or use the app icon or the "Add Folder" menu item.)

Importing individual files is possible, too. But this has to be enabled in the Advanced Preferences.

3.Thumbnails for all photos are created and displayed in chronological order.
You can click on individual photos to view a more detailed preview.
Select one of the folders to make it the active one (the thumbnails are moved up).

4.Now you can move this active folder in time: Either by modifying the changes interface in the upper right corner, or by simply dragging around one of its thumbnails.

5.Alternatively you can also double click one thumbnail and directly change the photos' date and time.

Its important to realize the difference between the two adjustment modes:

In the standard "Adjust altogether" mode ALL photos of the selected folder are always changed at the same time by the amount visible in the changes interface in the upper right corner.

6.If you do not want to change every photo of a folder you can select the second mode "Adjust separately" by clicking on the mode icon or by using the contextual menu.

Shortcut: Holding down the ctrl-key during import, changes the folders initial mode (depending on the default settings).

7.In this second mode it is possible to move one or more photos around, totally independent from the other photos of the same folder.

You can select several photos by shift or cmd clicking their thumbs or by drag selecting them using the mouse.

8.Normally, when moving around multiple thumbnails all their dates are modified by the same amount. Which means that the time lag between these photos is unchanged.

If you want to "force" all selected photos between two thumbs (changing their time lags in the process), you can hold the cmd-key before dropping the photos. Now their date/times are changed in a way that makes sure that ALL the new positions are inside the targeted gap.

9.The different ways to change date and time using the timeline are summarized again in this "How-to slideshow".

10.With the Info Popover (cmd-i) it is possible to preview all date and time changes as configured in the preferences.

11.The fullscreen preview (with 100% Loupe) can be used to quickly get rid of the least successful images even before renaming them.

12.If everything is correct, you can save the date and time changes and rename the files in the process.

13.You are done. All the the files are named in a way that you can store them easily in one folder ...

14.... and because you also saved the date and time changes back to the EXIF data the photos are in correct sequence when imported into the Photos.app, for example.

(Depending on media types and other circumstances when taking the photos, it might also be necessary to first set the correct time zone and to readjust possible gps timestamps, too, using the "advanced" saving options.)

15.TIP: To later present such a correctly renamed folder as a quick slideshow, its possible to speed up the import with some shortcuts (Look at the table below). In these cases the slightly time consuming date parsing or thumbnail generation can be skipped.


Reminder: The "hidden" Shortcuts

On Import 
hold altShows the "temporary import modifiers". This allows to quickly customize the current import operation.
hold ctrlChange Adjustment Mode from the default "Adjust altogether" to "Adjust separately".
hold cmdSpeed up import by not generating thumbnail images.
hold shift

(last three: these are the defaults and can change depending on preferences.)
Slideshow-only express import: no thumbnail creation and no date parsing and thus VERY fast.
Timeline Navigation 
hold ctrl + shift (or fn + shift)"Live-target" mode: shows previews for the thumbnails that are near the mouse pointer.
cmd + left/right
("Adjust separately" only)
Multi-select previous/next thumb.
cmd + ctrl + left/right
("Adjust separately" only)
Multi-select previous/next thumb, but deselecting the current one.
ctrl + alt + left/right"Keyboard-drag" the (multi-)selection.
ctrl + alt + cmd + left/right"Keyboard-alternate-drag", fits the (multi-)selection between two thumbs.
alt + left/rightQuick navigate the selected folder: skips adjacent photos from the same folder and all photos from other folders.
alt + left/right
(with multi-selection)
Quick navigate the multi-selection: selects only multi-selected photos, skips adjacent ones.
alt + up/downPrevious/next photo with highlight dot (date change in "Adjust separately", import change, or possible save/rename error) or "Keeper" marker.
double click thumb of unselected folder (or press return/enter)Select that folder.
alt + page-up/down
(fn + alt + up/down)
Scroll to previous/next date/time "chapter" shown by the labels.
spaceEnter slideshow mode (This shortcut can be changed in the preferences).
alt + spaceEnter slideshow mode, enabling filter.
ctrl + spaceEnter overview grid (alignment mode).
Time Grid NavigationMost of these timeline shortcuts work on the grid, too, with added up/down variants. (Because of that the aforementioned alt + up/down does NOT work on the grid.)
Map Navigation 
hold ctrl + shift (or fn + shift)"Live-target" mode: shows preview for the pin near the mouse pointer.
hold ctrl + altEnable drag selection: use the mouse to select (multiple) pins.
Folder Table 
double click folderSelect the first photo from that folder and scroll it in sight.
shift + double click folder
(that has a saved custom quick selection)
Restore the custom quick selection.
triple click folder
("Adjust separately" only)
Select all photos from that folder.
alt + triple click folderIf necessary and possible change mode to "Adjust separately" then select all photos from that folder.
shift + triple click folder
("Adjust separately" only)
Select all "keepers" from that folder.
alt + shift + triple click folderIf necessary and possible change mode to "Adjust separately" then select all "keepers" from that folder.
[ NEW ] (Several options that were previously listed here are not "hidden" anymore. They can now be accessed using the main menu in "View/Slideshow/" and "Window/Slideshow Actions/", or using the context menus.)
hold cmd
(in 100% loupe mode)
Fix loupe position, only the crosshair remains movable.
scroll up/down or magnifying gesture (in 100% loupe mode)Resize 100% loupe.
1-9Change slide duration, in seconds.
cmd + up/downIncrease/decrease slide duration.
left/rightPrevious/next image.
(in random mode)
Previous/next image in NON-random order.
hold alt
(when changing video position)
More precise but usually slower scrubbing.
shift + left/right
Inner-video navigation: +/- about 10 sec.
shift + up/down
Inner-video navigation: +/- smallest possible step.
alt + "play"
Playback from the beginning.
shift + cmd + left/right
(videos with bookmarks)
Jump to previous/next bookmark.
(Use context menu to see previews and, while holding alt, to remove bookmarks again.)
hold iDisplay quick info layer.
escExit 100% loupe / exit slideshow.
ctrl + left-click / right-click
(on thumbnails, folders, timeline, grid, map, and slideshow background, etc.)
Important: Do not forget to use the context menus! Many options can be quickly reached this way. (And for a few smaller slideshow-features there really is no alternative.)
alt + cmd + up/down
(when search field is active)
Change search category.
hold shift + alt + cmd
(or alt when using menus)
Enable the option to save "unchanged" photos. So its possible to use the automatic date adjustments (as configured in the preferences) on ALL images.
hold alt
(when using the interface divider)
Change Timeline maximum height.
hold ctrl
(when resizing the main window)
Resize the folders table instead of the previews.



Available on the Mac App Store

Available here now: Demo version!

Version 7.0.1
[fix] Bugfixes:
- Fixed a possible crash when opening the "Locations" window.
- Several smaller optimizations and fixes.
Version 7.0
[new] Added "Multi-View": This can significantly improve and speed up the sorting of lots of files by using an additional timeline or time grid. Two modes are available: "Mirrored" (All thumbnails are displayed in both views, they only differ in scroll position) and "Shelf" (Thumbnails are only displayed in one view, but can be freely moved to the other one). –> "View / Multi-View /"
[new] Added folder multi-selection: All (sensible) options can now be applied without folder limits! (Folders of the same type can be selected together: i.e. "Altogether", "Separately", "Altogether Slideshow" or "Separately Slideshow".)
[new] Added "extended" filter: Until now it was only possible to filter the media, based on ratings, during the slideshow. This rating filter can now be applied everywhere. And in addition several new criteria can be used: e.g.: "Images with an alert", "Videos only", "Media from a specific day", etc. –> "Edit / Filter /"
[new] Optional space-saving folder interface, now also on the main window (comparable to the old time grid interface, but both have been expanded). This was made necessary by the "Multi-View" additions, and it is quite pleasant in normal operation, too. (Cmd-click and Cmd-drag for quick folder multi-selections.) –> "View / Minimize Folder List"
[new] Added flexibility to the slideshow mode: Videos can be played back independently from the slideshow (and so it is also possible to run the slideshow without starting the videos) –> "View / Slideshow / Default Playback /". For this an arbitrary video position can be "locked" as the default thumbnail, preview, and slideshow still image –> hold Shift and select a "Temp. Bookmark".
[new] Just for fun (and slightly experimental):
- Video positions can now also be exported as Live Photos. –> "Edit / Video Positions / Export Stills…", and then activate "Create Live Photos"
- Optional automatically animated Live Photo preview in slideshow mode. –> "View / Slideshow / Live Photos: Animated Preview /" (Works best on High Sierra and later.)
[new] And more smaller additions and optimizations, e.g.:
- The renaming of files can be restricted to the current media selection.
- New display option for the project tray: Subfolders can be displayed more space-saving as menus.
- Added alternative vertical previews bar to the time grid.
- New timeline overscroll option "Additional Scroll Area": With this even the outmost thumbnails can be scrolled up to the center of the view. Especially with a short "Shelf" this can help to optimize drag distances. –> "View / Timeline /"
- While dragging a thumbnail in front of the first or behind the last thumbnail, the resulting time gap can be configured. (Cursor up/down)
- Videos first briefly show the preview/thumbnail in the slideshow. This can result (depending on format) in much faster navigation between these files.
- Optics adjustments in the slideshow overview: Among other things up to two times the thumbnail size possible on larger screens.
- Removed the time bars (that were not always easy to grasp) from the timeline … IF anyone misses them nonetheless: In the timeline context menu "Show Labels", and then while holding the alt-key "Show Time Bars (Legacy)"
[fix] Import optimizations:
- Fixed a bug where embedded metadata would not be found for certain files (probably mostly HEICs). If an old project is restored with the corresponding files, these are marked as "externally modified" and can be re-imported in place for correction.
- Fixed possible crash when importing video files.
- Improved support for some RAW files that are not (yet?) supported by the system, and for which at least the internal JPG image is now shown as a preview.
Version 6.3.6
[fix] Just a few bug fixes (New features soon!) :
- Fixes a possible issue with opening grid views and slideshow (Catalina).
- Fixes possible display issues when resizing the main window (Catalina).
- Fixes possible display issues when toggling full screen mode (Yosemite / El Capitan).
- Fixes an issue with display sleep or screen saver possibly interrupting the slideshow.
Version 6.3.5
[fix] Fixed several bugs and issues, e.g.:
- Fixed multiple smaller UI display issues and glitches.
- If a longer running process (e.g. exporting a lot of video stills) would finish while the app is hidden, the progress indicator dialog could get stuck.
- Fixed possible issues (up to a crash) with "custom" Live Photos.
- Live Photos using HEIC files would not show up correctly under Quick Selections.
Version 6.3.4
[fix] Fixed regression from the last update: new icon redraw issues, especially on the grids.
Version 6.3.3
[fix] Optimizations and fixes:
- Fixes several display issues. (Time grid drag & drop and scrolling, projects tray header, context menu position, map icon legibility.)
- Improved window resizing (Mouse pointer issues, flickering text, better performance in some cases, and: added more obvious way to change timeline height.)
- Other problems (Improved video stills menu, trashing files could be blocked after verification alert, timezone corrections: removing folders would not clean the undo-buffer.)
Version 6.3.2
[fix] Bugfixes:
- Fixes several display issues.
- Fixes possible rating issues during slideshow overview.
- The map could reopen inadvertently on project restore.
Version 6.3.1
[fix] Optimizations and fixes related to:
- Map: Dark Mode and "live" filter refresh (Mojave), and preview.
- String modifications during file rename.
- DST marker on the timeline (Mojave).
Version 6.3
[new] Added Dark Mode on macOS 10.14 Mojave.
[new] Major optimizations under the hood (restoring operating speed on Mojave, among other things): Improved Time Grid performance, requires less RAM, projects are smaller.
[fix] Trashing multiple files by holding the keyboard shortcut was problematic with faster than default "Key Repeat".
[fix] Fixed possible display issues using the move shortcuts on the Time Grid.
[fix] Plus more minor bug fixes and tweaks.
Version 6.2
[new] Added option to "reconnect" folders: Restoring app state (saved when quitting the app or stored in the projects tray) can only work correctly if the media folders were not modified too much in the meantime: If e.g. a folder was moved to another (backup) volume or a (parent) folder was renamed on a volume with the "wrong" file system, then these folders cannot be retrieved automatically anymore. In these situations the correct folders can now be reconnected manually. (To open that dialog at any time: hold Alt key and select "Validate Folder States" from the "File" menu or the folder context menu.)
[new] Related: Also added flexibility in how these "unconnected folders" are handled. It is possible now to keep these folders around in the project (e.g. USB stick not at hand right now?). Prior to these changes one had to cancel the restore or discard problematic folders right away.
[new] The projects tray now officially supports subfolders (This more or less already worked since v6.0, but I never mentioned it anywhere, because I wanted to fix some smaller remaining issues first). Just use the Finder to add and rename these (Hold Alt when using a projects' context menu and select "Reveal in Finder" to quickly locate that project in the tray folder.)
[new] Mini optimization for slideshow mode: Alt + Return/Enter/play button plays back video files from the beginning.
[fix] Optimized timeline drag&drop performance to get rid of a very specific display issue that could occur on some "slower displaying" systems.
[fix] Fixed weird slideshow issue on SOME Macs using High Sierra: If the info popover was visible when the slideshow was used for the FIRST time that session, the navigation could break until slideshow close/reopen.
[fix] A few more minor fixes and tweaks related to (amongst others): projects tray, cache handling, importing single files, etc.
Version 6.1.2
[fix] Fixed an embarrasing import issue that could prevent the correct import of larger folders since release 6: Preview generation was possibly impacted after that (showing errors) or in the worst case it would simply stop and not import any more files. (Thanks a lot for the report!)
Version 6.1.1
[fix] Fixed an issue with the video stills export on pre Sierra systems: Selecting a custom target location did not work correctly. Sorry!
Version 6.1
[new] Quick addition to the video "bookmark" tools: It is now possible to export these positions as still images. Video data like date/time, location and camera type is transferred in the process (if available). The workflow is as follows:
- Play back the video as fullscreen "slideshow", and navigate with up to frame precision using shift-left/right (+/- 10 sec.) and shift-up/down (+/- up to 1 frame).
- Set temporary bookmarks for the frames you like by pressing "B" ("Edit / Video Positions / Add Temp. Bookmark"), or use the context menu.
- Finally choose "… / Export Stills…" (cmd+B) or "… /Export Stills (Selection)…" (with additional alt-key for the complete multi-selection), then select image format, quality, and other export options (target location, import upon completion). => Done!
[fix] Inactive text was very hard to read on the projects tray (in High-DPI).
[fix] Fixed issues with the dialog that is presented when media folders cannot be found again on project restore.
[fix] Trashing files during a slideshow could close the slideshow unexpectedly if rating filters are activated.
[fix] For some videos the camera model was not displayed correctly, if imported as "slideshow only".
Version 6.0.1
[fix] Changing timeline maximum height (by holding alt key while using the interface divider) did not work correctly with scroll bar system setting "Show always".
[fix] Optimized another case where "overcautious" alerts warned about a possible issue that was not really relevant in that situation.
[fix] The "empty" placeholder string in the projects tray sometimes reappeared even though the tray was not empty anymore.
[fix] Fixed possible crash when moving files from a "standard" folder into a "slideshow" folder.
[fix] Fixed issues related to trashing files:
- It was possible that the menu item did not work correctly during a slideshow.
- Trashing files was prevented on some NASs, displaying just an error message instead.
- Trashing multiple files should also be noticeable faster again.
[fix] And more smaller tweaks and fixes.
Version 6.0
[new] Added option to save the full app state (including e.g. all current imports, unsaved modifications, ratings, temporary video bookmarks, window and thumbnail sizes, etc.) using the "Projects Tray" ( ⌘T ). This can then be easily restored at a later time. So switching between different projects is no hassle anymore … This allows completely new use cases and workflows!
[new] In the process improved the way external file and folder changes (after import) are handled. (Primarily: Problems are recognized sooner and an alert asks to use the new reimport option if necessary.)
[new] Optimized (mainly parallelized) file import and thumbnail generation: E.g. on a 2009 Mac Pro with retrofitted SSD it resulted in considerable speedups from 1.5x up to 6x(!).
[new] Major optimizations for grid mode: overhauled appearance, improved performance and usability in several areas, added labels (with "chapter jump", a la timeline).
[new] More options to customize thumbnail sizes using the +/- keys or the scaling sliders, now also on the grids and dialogs, wherever they are used. Doubled thumbnail and thereby grid maximum size.
[new] Added display options for RAW files during a slideshow. Its now possible to only display the embedded preview image, or to display that at first, until the full image is generated. Depending on the quality of the embedded image this can be a great and MUCH faster alternative for viewing these files. Like the general preview options this can be set for specific camera types.
[new] Extended the ratings options: Files can now be marked as "Keeper" or as "Rejected", for a bit more slideshow filter and quick selection flexibility.
[new] Related: The slideshow quick navigation grid is now a more full featured ratings view, too: Rating (and e.g. trashing, etc.) files is possible, and there are special highlighting and filtering options that work based on these extended ratings. (Use alt-click or cursor keys to change the selection without exiting to image fullscreen view. Hold a ratings shortcut and drag or click to quickly rate multiple files.)
[new] HEIC files are (finally) supported on High Sierra.
[fix] Bug fixes and tweaks, amongst others:
- Trying to trash several hundred files at once could crash the app.
- For some AVIs a warning about possible timestamp problems was displayed even though there was nothing wrong with them.
- Interrupting LivePhoto playback would continue to play the video in the background, so the audio was audible till the end.
- I had to clean up and change a few shortcuts (Especially in slideshow mode: The old idea to have shortcuts that work with AND without holding the cmd-key proved limiting over time.) Sorry! ... But: Most of these shortcuts can now be found in the main menu, too, so the discoverability should be improved.
[info] Released a new DEMO version. (It is save disabled with regard to the media files but the new "Projects Tray" can be used to easily transfer your work to the full version at any time, if desired.)
Version 5.1.3
[fix] Fixed possible crash related to thumbnail generation for RAW files NOT supported by the system.
[fix] Fixed a display issue with the thumbnail date picker that affected macOS 10.11.
[fix] Fixed a possible issue with automatic subfolder import (It was not always fully reliable).
[fix] And a few more smaller optimizations and fixes.
Version 5.1.2
[fix] Fixed an issue with the custom date picker that could break it temporarily.
[fix] Fixed issue with the drag image that made drag&drop on the grid slightly more difficult using High Sierra.
[fix] And a few more smaller optimizations and fixes, e.g. related to window zooming, menu titles, alert navigation buttons, video shortcuts (10 sec. jumps), etc.
Version 5.1.1
[fix] Fixed drag and drop issues using the grid view.
Version 5.1
[new] Added many optimizations and fixes related to system-wide "Full Keyboard Access" mode.
[fix] Fixed issue with editing string modifications (rename dialog).
[fix] Fixed issues where the jump markers would sometimes not work correctly.
[fix] Fixed possible issue with problem alerts: The buttons to directly jump to the thumbnails in question were not always refreshed correctly.
[fix] The "Space Key" option in the preferences did not work anymore.
[fix] And a few more smaller optimizations and fixes, e.g. related to grid view keyboard navigation, moving file groups to the trash, and general window management.
Version 5.0.2
[fix] Bugfixes, amongst others:
- Fixed issue on app launch when media files are dragged on the icon and an old app state has to be restored at the same time: Further imports were possibly prevented after that.
- Fixed a possible previews refresh issue when all thumbs are drag deselected on the timeline.
- In grid mode the folder selection UI did not work correctly for folders with identical names.
Version 5.0.1
[fix] Bugfixes, amongst others:
- Scrolling the grid had a few restrictions on macOS 10.10 Yosemite.
- Improved compatibility with an upcoming system (fixed major display issues).
Version 5.0
[new] Added fullscreen overview grid (ctrl + cmd + g or ctrl + space): Can be used as an (almost) full-featured timeline alternative that shows many more thumbnails, and/or to quickly navigate slideshows.
[new] Added map window (cmd + l): To select images by location. (And e.g. to quickly copy date/time from one image to a nearby image taken at the same time with another camera.) Date/time adjustments can now be transferred, while saving, to existing GPS timestamps, too.
[new] Added "Live-target" mode (hold ctrl + shift or fn + shift): To see larger previews for thumbnails or pins that are near the mouse pointer, WITHOUT the need to change the current selection first. This is especially useful on the map where the pins have no thumbnail preview on their own. To then quickly change the selection, just click the pin or thumbnail to use the context menu.
[new] Folders or single files can now be assigned an appropriate source time zone (if differing from System). Date/time will still be displayed converted to system time, but now using the correct "source data". Saving date/time modifications is possible using system or source time zone (or even another different one), as required.
[new] Added timeline date and time labels that can greatly improve a quick navigation (shift + cmd + L). Its possible to scroll by top category (mostly days, but also hours or minutes) with alt + page-up/down (or: fn + alt + cursor-up/down). Optionally daylight saving time changes are visible, too.
[new] Related: Timeline maximum height can be customized by holding alt + moving the main interface divider.
[new] Added thumb movement on timeline/grid using keyboard shortcuts: hold ctrl + alt (+ cmd) and use the cursor keys to move the current selection around. Just ctrl + alt corresponds to "standard dragging" and ctrl + alt + cmd works like "alternate dragging", i.e. it fits the selection between two thumbs.
[new] Related: added keyboard shortcut for disconnected multi selections: ctrl + cmd + cursor key (combined with the unchanged cmd + cursor key)
[new] Added quick selections for mix folders: e.g. select by media and file types, data sources, camera types, locations (radii) ... and more context dependent ones like: changes, possible errors, search results, etc.! Its also possible to save the current multi selection as a custom quick selection. (Alt-double-clicking the folder reloads this VERY quick.)
[new] Its now possible to move files to another folder. (Simple and stringent rules for now: Both source and target folder need to be "unmodified" and reside on the same volume.)
[new] Added options to realign images on timeline/grid: Approximate or minimize time lags, sort by filename, reverse sequence.
[new] For quick-imported and slideshow folders there already was the option to auto-generate thumbnails that are visible on timeline/grid ... Added another option to generate ALL thumbnails in the background.
[new] During video playback its possible to set "temporary bookmarks" (press B or use context menu). Navigate between these saved positions with shift + cmd + cursor-left/right or again using the context menu. Hold alt when using the menu to remove bookmarks again.
These positions can be exported as "chapter texts", so its possible to use another app, like e.g. Subler (https://subler.org/) for .mp4 files, to convert these to "real chapters" at the end.
[new] Cleaned up import: photos without embedded date infos are now imported without popping up the import options, always using filesystem (creation) as data source. (Optionally showing a warning.) The ignoring option is gone for good, and alphabetical alignment is a global option now, possibly affecting ALL images of the current operation.
[new] QT-videos with empty mvhd date tags can now use the import options, too, to populate these, if appropriate.
[new] Added support for "file groups": RAW+JPGs and Live Photos (i.e. JPG+MOVs) can now be grouped on import and treated as single objects. Date/time and filename changes are always applied to BOTH files at the same time.
[new] Added "temporary import modifiers" (hold alt-key on import): Its possible to set folder type, adjustment mode, or a default time zone (differing from System) for new folders, enable subfolder import, auto-date-corrections, alphabetical alignment, or a filter (to quickly set file extensions that are to be ignored or imported exclusively). The old alt-key function, toggling the adjustment mode default, is now possible with the ctrl-key.
[new] Quite a few optical tweaks. (Btw: main window transparency can still be toggled with the context menu. The same is now true for the previews-bar transparency below the overview grid.)
[new] Plus many (MANY!) more smaller optimizations, tweaks and fixes ... amongst others:
- Added option to change folder type and edit mode defaults.
- Added optional custom date picker that better reflects customized system date/time formats, has slighly improved appearance, and offers inner-widget-undo/redo.
- Added option to "jump" to other file times that differ from the main source date/time.
- Cleaned up import options for Quicktime videos (and alikes).
- Fixed possible performance issues when dragging items on the timeline.
- Fixed performance and memory issues when saving App State with LARGE folders.
- Improved timeline drag & drop in fullscreen mode.
- Fixed issues using copy/paste when modifying renaming templates.
- Improved renaming-UI: All options in ONE place, the renaming-sheet.
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