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2015/02/20 - shootShifter 4.6.2
(Mac OS X.8 Mountain Lion or later)

Available on the Mac App Store

What's new ?

2015/01/16 - shootShifter 4.6.1
(Mac OS X.8 Mountain Lion or later)

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shootShifter ... preview, redate and rename photos.
Version 4.6.2

ShootShifter helps to redate and rename photos based on the EXIF or filesystem dates. With the preview timeline its quite easy for example to synchronize several folders of images that were taken with differing camera dates.

ShootShifter presents photos (and now movies, too) in chronological order on a graphical timeline. Date changes can then be applied with several tools to individual photos or even complete folders of images. E.g. its possible to directly enter new dates, or to simply drag the images around on the timeline, etc.

One of the cameras was set to a wrong date? The time was off? No problem!

With the new fullscreen preview and 100% loupe its possible to get a great overview over the images and to already here get rid of the least successful ones.
At the end the images can be renamed with standardized filenames using the user-configurable naming templates.

And when all dates are corrected this can still be a very useful tool to quickly present images in fullscreen mode. *I* use nothing else anymore! :-)

Quickstart: A workflow example

1.Another event passed by and several people took a lot of great photos. Sadly they did not think about synchronizing their cameras. Therefore the resulting folders of images cannot be presented in correct sequence based on either their dates or the filenames.

A simple correction of exactly one hour (forgot daylight saving time?) can be achieved quite easily even in iPhoto. But all too often its more difficult than that. Most of the time the actual order depends on seconds. And to find out these precise values for multiple folders its very valuable to have a fast graphical preview:

2.To import the photos you can drag the folders onto the app. (Or use the app icon or the "Add Folder" menu item.)

Importing movies and individual files is possible, too. But this has to be enabled in the Advanced Preferences.

3.Thumbnails for all photos are created and displayed in chronological order.
You can click on individual photos to view a more detailed preview.
Select one of the folders to make it the active one (the thumbnails are moved up).

4.Now you can move this active folder in time: Either by modifying the changes interface in the upper right corner, or by simply dragging around one of its thumbnails.

5.Alternatively you can also double click one thumbnail and directly change the photos' date and time.

Its important to realize the difference between the two date change modes:

In the standard "Adjust altogether" mode ALL photos of the selected folder are always changed at the same time by the amount visible in the changes interface in the upper right corner.

6.If you do not want to change every photo of a folder you can select the second mode "Adjust separately" by clicking on the mode icon or by using the contextual menu.

(Shortcut: Holding down the alt-key during import changes the folders initial mode to "Adjust separately")

7.In this second mode its possible to move one or more photos around, totally independent from the other photos of the same folder.

You can select several photos by shift or cmd clicking their thumbs or by drag selecting them using the mouse.

8.Normally, when moving around multiple photos all their dates are modified by the same amount. Which means that the time lag between these photos is unchanged.

If you want to "force" all selected photos between two thumbs (changing their time lags in the process), you can hold the alt-key before dropping the photos. Now their dates are changed in a way that makes sure that ALL the new positions are inside the targeted gap.

9.The different ways to change date and time using the timeline are summarized again in this "How-to slideshow".

10.With the Info Popover (cmd-i) its possible to preview all the date changes as configured in the preferences.

11.The fullscreen preview (with 100% Loupe) can be used to quickly get rid of the least successful images even before renaming them.

12.If everything is correct, you can save the date changes and rename the files.

13.You are done. All the the photos are named in a way that you can store them easily in one folder ...

14.... and because you also saved the date changes back to the EXIF tag the photos are in correct sequence when imported into iPhoto, for example.

15.TIP: To later present such a correctly renamed folder as a quick slideshow, its possible to speed up the import with some shortcuts (Look at the table below). In these cases the slightly time consuming date parsing or thumbnail generation can be skipped.

Reminder: The "hidden" Shortcuts (* = added since 4.0)

On Import 
hold altchange Adjustment Mode from the default "Adjust altogether" to "Adjust separately"
hold cmdspeed up import by not generating thumbnail images
hold shiftslideshow-only express import: no thumbnail creation and no date parsing and thus VERY fast
hold denable option "fix differing filesystem dates" temporarily
hold l *enable option "automatically add subfolders" temporarily
Timeline Navigation 
alt + left/rightquick navigate the selected folder: skips adjacent photos from the same folder and all photos from other folders
alt + left/right
(with multi-selection)
quick navigate the multi-selection: selects only multi-selected photos, skips adjacent ones
alt + up/downprevious/next photo with highlight dot (date change in "Adjust separately", import change, or possible save/rename error) or "Keeper" marker
double click thumb of unselected folder (or press return/enter)select that folder
double click folderselect the first photo from that folder and scroll it in sight
triple click folder
("Adjust separately" only)
select all photos from that folder
alt + triple click folderif necessary and possible change mode to "Adjust separately" then select all photos from that folder
shift + triple click folder
("Adjust separately" only)
select all "keepers" from that folder
alt + shift + triple click folderif necessary and possible change mode to "Adjust separately" then select all "keepers" from that folder
(cmd +) ltoggle 100% loupe (on larger-than-screen-size photos)
(cmd +) l + alttoggle 100% loupe hiding the crosshair
hold cmd
(in 100% loupe mode)
fix loupe position, only the crosshair remains movable
scroll up/down or magnifying gesture (in 100% loupe mode)resize 100% loupe
(cmd +) utoggle media upscaling (when smaller-than-screen-size)
(cmd +) ktoggle "keeper"
cmd + rtoggle random mode
cmd + r + alttoggle random mode with reshuffling
1-9slide duration in seconds
cmd + up/downincrease/decrease slide duration
left/rightprevious/next image
(in random mode)
previous/next image in NON-random order
shift + left/right *
inner-movie navigation: +/- about 10 sec.
shift + up/down *
inner-movie navigation: +/- smallest possible step
hold idisplay quick info layer
escexit 100% loupe / exit slideshow
alt + cmd + up/down
(when search field is active)
change search category
hold ctrl + alt + cmd
(or alt when using menus)
enable the option to save "unchanged" photos. so its possible to use the automatic date adjustments (as configured in the preferences) on ALL images
hold ctrl when resizing the main windowresize the folders table instead of the previews


Version 4.6.2
[fix] Bugfixes:
- Fixed issue that could result in degraded timeline scroll performance.
- Fixed possible scrolling issue after the thumb date-picker was used.
- Fixed issue in which the main window could be moved by dragging the upper pixel rows of the timeline.
- Fixed possible crash when entering fullscreen mode on OS X.8.
- And more smaller tweaks.
Version 4.6.1
[fix] Bugfixes.
Version 4.6
[new] Added date changing live-preview: While dragging around images on the timeline (or using the thumb date-picker), the larger previews are updated constantly. Image position and (orange) dates already preview the resulting state, before finishing the action for good.
[new] Added support for .AAE sidecar files: These are now renamed or possibly trashed together with the associated media files. Just like with .XMP files: In single file mode they have to be explicitly imported, too. (A little filename add-on indicates a recognized sidecar file.)
[new] Further optimized movie playback:
- The 100%-loupe now works with movies, too! (It depends on Mac speed, storage device and movie type, how well this actually works. But its at least worth a try: e.g. using it to closely inspect 4k clips on a smaller screen, can be quite useful.)
- Added shortcuts for inner-movie navigation: shift + left/right (+- about 10 secs.), shift + up/down (+- smallest possible step, down to one frame)
- Disabled movie autoplay when entering the fullscreen preview window, so the laboriously selected frame does not vanish inadvertently ...
- Some more movie files are recognized as playable, again.
[fix] Fixed some rare issues with preview caching, that could result in an image preview with the wrong quality setting or a movie preview of an unexpected frame.
[fix] Plus other smaller tweaks and fixes.
Version 4.5
[new] Huge internal clean-up and optimizations:
- Improved performance in several key areas, e.g. scrolling the timeline is smooth again on Yosemite.
- Rebuilt(!) preview generation, to get rid of the most glaring bottleneck: Even large RAW or movie files, with a more time-consuming preview setting, do not interfere with or even block the timeline anymore.
- Completely changed the way movie files are handled, e.g. to better support imports with many files, potentially saving lots of memory. Improved state preservation for movies, too: playback position and state are now correctly restored.
[new] Tweaked UI on Yosemite to better match the new system visuals.
[fix] And quite a few more smaller tweaks and fixes!
Version 4.0.1
[fix] Fixed several "future-related issues" (i.e. OS X.10 Beta showstoppers).
Version 4.0
[new] Extended and optimized the "Rename workflow":
- Improved the renaming preview, now displaying ALL changes with old/new comparison, highlighted elements, etc. -> MUCH more useful!
- Added new element "Filename", so the new filenames can finally be based on the old names, with optional string modifications.
(With the option "filename@import" this even allows you to undo ALL rename changes, if something went wrong.)
- Added features to customize file extensions (Finder visibility and case changes).
- Its now possible to use up to three "Add-on" elements per template.
- Its now possible to rename photos in "slideshow folders". (That guarantees a strictly alphabetically "source order", e.g. for images with only EXIF modification dates that are disordered.)
- Removed the slightly confusing option duplication in the preferences. Now there is ONE location to configure theses features (The saving/renaming sheet).
[new] Added option to automatically import subfolders, too.
[fix] Fixed an embarrassing slideshow display issue on Retina Macs that was introduced about 2 releases ago. I never came across this in my (admittedly) quite limited Retina tests, and it was reported to me only very recently. (THANKS!)
[fix] And several smaller fixes, optimizations and tweaks.
[info] shootShifter 4.0 now requires at least Mac OS X.8!
Version 3.7.1
[*!!!*] Found possible issue with "Individual Files Import" (Advanced Preferences, OS X.9.): Adding locations for individual files import USING DRAG AND DROP is not reliable anymore! The result can be wrong file access permissions, which would prevent changes in "partial folders". Please re-add your locations using the file dialog sheet ("+"-button)! Sorry for the inconvenience!
[fix] Some photos with an unusual date format could crash the app on import. (Thanks for the sample file ... That was very helpful!)
[fix] Fixed issue with the menu bar in fullscreen mode.
Version 3.7
[new] Added state preservation options: Its now possible to quit and restart shootShifter with all imports, settings and changes intact (only major limitation: undo buffer is NOT restored). You can even quit the App right in the middle of a (random) slideshow and it will fully resume at that point. (Of course this can only work correctly if your image folders do not change between launches: shootShifter will warn if a folder cannot be "reconnected", and date changes can only be saved if an image did not change after import.)
This is NOT the default behaviour (Use alt+cmd+Q). I still think saving changes and clearing the App is the more apt default for a tool like this, but its possible to change this default in the Advanced preferences.
[new] Added (alt)-option to remove ALL folders at the same time ... E.g. for those cases when you don’t need a resumed state any more.
[new] Added option to save a renaming template as a new template (for quick duplication).
[fix] Fixed several smaller UI-glitches.
[fix] Fixed movie file issue: renaming an imported folder in the finder would prevent movie playback.
[fix] And a few more minor tweaks and bug fixes ...
Version 3.6
[new] Added more (EXIF) details to the info popover and the slideshow info layer.
[new] Added option to enlarge the info popover for increased readability (with different settings for window and full screen mode).
[new] Improved the "keeper" markers with new "hidden" features. Please feed back if this is of general interest and should be expanded further (and how?):
Keepers can now be saved using finder labels. Default is 6 (=> "Red") and can be changed with "keepersSyncLabelValue" in the prefs plist for now:
- Save: Hold k-key and double click a folder with keepers -> If possible the file is tagged with the label and the keeper marker is removed (ready to close the app).
- Save current keepers, remove others: Hold additional alt-key -> Like above, + labels are removed from files without keeper markers.
- Restore: Hold k-key and double click a folder without keepers -> Keeper markers are set for files tagged with the finder label.
- Just multiselect: Hold k-key and triple click a folder without keepers -> All files tagged with the label are selected, but no persistent restoration of keeper markers (clears the view for slideshows).
- Import keepers only: Hold k + shift on import -> Only tagged files are imported as a slideshow folder.
[new] Added shortcut: Hold d-key on import to temporarily enable the "fix differing Filesystem Dates"-option.
Other shortcut change in the process: Holding (just) shift on import enables slideshow-only quick import, too.
[change] Improved the way date changes are displayed on the info popover and below the larger previews.
[change] By holding ctrl+alt+cmd it is and was possible to save the current folder with the save-button, even with no "real" changes, to benefit from the date modification options set in the preferences. Doing this with the info popover visible will now display a modification preview while the keys are down.
[fix] Improved maker and model parsing for some cameras. (This can necessitate a reset of camera-specific preview options.)
[fix] Updated XMP support for the "Transfer EXIF Date changes to existing XMP Data" option: Fixed a specific date format that was not recognized correctly and therefore not changed.
[fix] Fixed possible display issues when leaving full screen mode with the info popover visible.
[fix] Fixed possible redraw issue concerning thumbnail highlight dots.
[fix] Fixed possible issue with the loupe shadow.
[fix] A few more minor tweaks and optimizations.
Version 3.5
[info] shootShifter 3.5 is now available on the Mac App Store!
Version 3.5b4
[info] Just a few small last-minute changes: This is the version that should be submitted, soon. Please report any potential show-stoppers as fast as possible! :-)
[change] Optimized folder status-texts: E.g. when a folder with no imported photos was selected it would tell you "no folder selection".
[change] The changes UI is now hidden for "slideshow folders" to make it more clear that no changes are possible.
[change] A few more tweaks to context menu titles in both localisations.
[change] (Finally) added German version of the "online-help" (this webpage with Quickstart and Shortcuts etc.).
[fix] Fixed possible redraw problems when closing the slideshow on photos without pregenerated thumbnails.
Version 3.5b3
[new] Added improved and slightly larger cache for the generated preview images. Reduced the need to rebuild previews e.g. when navigating back and forth with the Jump Markers, etc.
[new] Added information alerts when trying to import individual files or movies and the corresponding option is still disabled in the preferences.
[new] Added option (to the context menus) to rearrange the folders in the tableView by name, file count or the dates ...
[change] ... In the process changed the way the folder colors are used: Colors are now assigned to a specific folder and not to a position in the tableView. So removing (and now rearranging) folders does not change the colors of other folders anymore.
[change] Optimized UI for increased consistency: Changed many titles, moved some options. Late spring-cleaning for the app. :-)
[fix] Changing the rename options in the preferences while the rename sheet is open could "break" it visually.
[fix] It was possible to resize the loupe even if its hidden.
[fix] Fixed a possible crash that could happen when the info popover was displayed for the rightmost thumb while its folder is removed.
[fix] A few more minor tweaks and fixes.
[info] Rethought the version number: Now I feel that the larger step is justified.
Version 3.1b2
[new] Speeding up import time by not generating thumbs or parsing dates (cmd / shift+cmd) is now also supported for movies! Added option to the "auto thumbs" menu to configure these independently.
[change] Optimized EXIF date parsing: Improved performance in many cases and added support for a few more "edge case files". Sped up xmp writing, too.
[change] Optimized movie import: A few more movies are recognized as playable.
[fix] The movie preview cache size was not always limited to the screen size so, depending on movie and screen size, this could waste quite a lot of memory.
[fix] Fixed zoom animation when closing fullscreen preview during movie playback (broke in b1).
[fix] The option to auto-generate only thumbs for photos with EXIF preview did not work correctly.
[fix] It was possible that a single "slideshow-only express imported" folder would not show up in the timeline immediately (with auto thumb generation off).
[fix] Fixed possible issues with multiple displays: Flawed zoom animation (fullscreen preview) and loupe not working correctly.
[fix] Fixed resizing issues: Reducing screen resolution could "break" the UI because in this case the minimum preview height limit was not enforced.
[fix] Resizing the thumbs keeps a visible selection (or the center thumb) in focus, again (broke in b1).
[fix] Resizing thumbs now also triggers auto thumb generation, if needed.
[fix] If the app window is at its minimum height, it was possible that the window position was lost on restart.
[fix] When moving the app window from a non retina to a retina display the current previews are regenerated automatically.
[fix] The search bar reopens on "Find next" and "Find Previous".
Version 3.1b1
[new] Added "Find" feature (cmd+f) that allows to jump to and select photos or folders by searching for their names. (Keyboard shortcut to change the category is alt+cmd+cursor-up/down when the search field is active.)
[new] Added "keeper" markers. Until now the only simple "reject workflow" in slideshow mode was to trash single photos. But that can be annoying and restrictive if you want to get rid of many images or perhaps change your mind when navigating back and forth. Now its possible to mark the keepers (cmd+k or just k in slideshow mode). And at the end its then easily possible to e.g. put all the unmarked ones in the trash. (Keepers in Selected Folder -> Select All / Select Others, hold additional alt to change mode to "Adjust separately" if necessary and possible.)
[new] Added experimental date support for quicktime (and "qt alike") movies like .MOVs, .MP4s etc: It uses creation date and modification date from the movie header (mvhd) with optional per folder timezone correction OR the creation date from the quicktime metadata (mdta) if available and more accurate.
If you do not enable this feature it works like before (using filesystem dates only).
[new] Added option to invert the image selection in "Adjust separately" mode.
[new] Added progress counter when importing several folders.
[new] Added upscaling option for smaller-than-screen-size media in the fullscreen preview (press u or use the toolbar button that replaces the loupe in these cases).
[fix] Optimized movie import. Should require less memory and work better with higher clip counts.
[fix] Fixed movie scrubbing. Playback really pauses now during the operation.
[fix] Fixed fullscreen preview display issues on retina screens: Smaller images were possibly displayed at a wrong size, resulting in loupe problems, too.
[fix] Optimized the way how imports in the background are silenced when possibly colliding things are going on (renaming, saving etc.) and how option and alert sheets are presented (in expected order, too).
[fix] Removing an unsaved folder would save it after the confirmation but it would not present the rename options even if it should.
[fix] Updated XMP support for the "Transfer EXIF Date changes to existing XMP Data" option: Fixed possible issue with "uneven timezones".
[fix] With the import options it is possible to set a manual date for photos without EXIF dates. It was possible that these changes were not saved at all when the folder was imported directly into "Adjust separately" mode (by pressing the alt-key) ... yes, again. Sorry.
[fix] Importing individual images without EXIF dates by dragging them on the app icon could result in the wrong order when manual dates were added automatically.
[fix] Cmd-drag deselecting thumbs from a multi-selection did not always update the status text. And deselecting the active thumb this way now works, too.
[fix] Fixed an issue where deselecting the active thumb of a multi-selection could sometimes result in an unexpected selection from another folder.
[fix] Tweaked the very small thumbnail appearance to make sure that all possible markers are displayed correctly and unobstructed.
[fix] A few other minor tweaks and optimizations.
Version 3.0.2
[fix] The earliest/latest values in the tableView were linked to the first and the last image of every folder. This was not updated when first or last position changed in "Adjust separately" mode. So in these cases the displayed "from" or "till" dates were incorrect.
[fix] Fixed a possible UI freeze with skipping save options for "Adjust separately" folders.
[fix] Fixed issues with fullscreen preview navigation when 100% loupe is visible: Possible problem with unhiding mouse pointer and automatically changing loupe size.
[fix] A few more minor optimizations, again.
Version 3.0.1
[new] Slideshow random order is now non transient. I.e. no reshuffle if you enter random mode several times per session (reshuffle = hold additional alt-key).
[new] Added option to hide the 100% loupe crosshair (press alt-key when entering loupe mode).
[fix] In some situations it was possible that the progress bar would get stuck on import (just a visual problem, import was correct).
[fix] In rare cases the "live" generation of blocked thumbs did not work correctly.
[fix] ML: Fixed a display glitch when resizing the splitView with unhidden scrollbars.
[fix] A few other very minor tweaks and optimizations.
Version 3.0
[info] shootShifter 3.0 is now available on the Mac App Store!
Version 3.0b7
[info] Ok, just a few little last minute UI fixes for the slideshow. And now i will finally try this submission thing. I am curious how this will turn out ... It might still take a while. :-)
[new] Added status display on changing the slide duration. Using the shortcuts is quite hard otherwise.
[fix] The slideshow toolbar now behaves correctly and stays at its place, improved hide/unhide transition.
[fix] Corrected slight display issues that could occur on cmd-loupe / NON-cmd-loupe change.
[fix] A few other very minor tweaks.
Version 3.0b6
[fix] Fixed a possible crash with "colliding sheets": When e.g. a verification or error alert is still open and a currently imported folder requires the import options this would freeze the UI.
[fix] Fixed another potential problem in the process: Saving and renaming is now disabled when there are still folders being imported.
[fix] Trashing multiple images could lead to an invalid selection when there was an error with one (or more) of these images.
[change] Removed the option to turn off the import error alerts. This made NO sense. Dont know what I was thinking. :-)
Version 3.0b5
[new] Finally, shootShifter is now sandboxed. This added a slight complication to the "Individual Files" mode: If you enable this you have to specify (once) exactly where its allowed to modify your individual files. Add e.g. your "home" folder or hard discs for the fewest restrictions.
[new] Added a minimal quick info popover to the slideshow that shows filename, camera and image size while holding "i".
[new] Added menu option to change the sort order for folders added with slideshow-only express import (holding cmd+shift during import). Its only visible if there is at least one such folder.
[new] Thumbs that were blocked on import (by holding cmd or shift+cmd) are now generated "live" in the timeline when visible. This can be configured with an option menu that is available if there is such a quick imported folder.
[change] Entering slideshow mode by double clicking the preview now works with every preview (not just the "main" centered one). The clicked on photo gets selected. This only works if that is possible without clearing a multi-selection. In that special case a triple click is necessary as a verification.
[change] Improved the large thumbnail appearance (larger margins, selection borders, shadows, highlight dots, etc.).
[change] Slideshow: increased slide max duration from 9 to 90 seconds. This can now also be changed with cmd+cursor-up/down.
[change] HUGE speed-up for the slideshow-only express import!
[change] Quick navigating a folder (alt+cursor-left/right) with multiple selected photos now only navigates inside this multi-selection.
[change] With a multi-selection its now also possible to deselect the active thumb by cmd clicking it. The nearest visible or next thumb is activated automatically.
[fix] Trashing images in slideshow mode did not update the folder table immediately.
[fix] Fixed error introduced in previous beta: .xmp files could only be renamed once.
[fix] Model and maker parsing was flawed for some cameras. (For these photos its necessary to update the Camera Specific Preview Options: Simply delete the old one and add it again.)
[fix] Menu options are now correctly disabled if the main window is hidden.
[fix] In some cases it was possible to close the thumb datepicker without the rest of the app recognizing resulting in seemingly blocked UI.
[fix] ML: Quitting the app in fullscreen mode and then relaunching it by dragging photos on its icon did not work as expected anymore. This workaround has some small visual problems with the transition, but at least it works! (lion is unaffected. I will keep track of this issue with upcoming OSX point releases.)
[fix] ML: This also works around another odd bug: Launching the app by dragging files on its icon and then quickly hiding it (e.g. to do something else while the import is in progress) resulted in a weird "ghost window" that appeared after a few seconds and that acted strange: One had to click away from the app and enter it again to regain full access and control.
[fix] In some rare cases the interface was slightly disordered on app launch.
[fix] A few other minor fixes and tweaks.
Version 3.0b4
[fix] HiDPI: Added the remaining @2x resources and fixed movie display sizes. (This SHOULD complete the retina support, feedback appreciated.)
[fix] Fixed a potential display issue with the rename template elements.
[fix] Fixed another small issue with information popover scrolling.
[fix] Changed the way .xmp sidecar files are handled: They are recognized at import time only. In single file mode they have to be explicitly imported, too. (A little filename add-on indicates a recognized .xmp file.)
[fix] Moving images to the trash now moves the corresponding .xmp files, too.
[fix] Changed slideshow shortcut from cmd-f to shift-cmd-f (a la Preview.app).
Version 3.0b3
[new] ML: Signed the app with a Developer ID for Gatekeeper compatibility.
[fix] ML: Restored "100% loupe" speed with very large images and fixed some display issues.
[fix] ML: Its possible again to jump to a marked photo WHILE dragging other photos.
[fix] ML: Fixed the weird tearing while scrolling with the information popover visible.
[fix] Added a few more retina optimizations. But its still not 100% complete and not tested on the real hardware, yet.
[fix] In some situations (especially folders with MANY files) file changes (filename, or filesystem dates) were not always quickly detected by the finder. So it was possible that it looked like no changes took place at all.
[fix] The "now" button correctly changes the date in the preferences, too.
[fix] A few other very minor fixes.
Version 3.0b2
[fix] Fixed minor display issues in the preferences (Appearance tab) when system scroll bars are "always visible".
[fix] The popup menus in the Camera specific Preview Options did not always display the correct values (German localization only).
[fix] Fixed an issue with the 100% loupe where photos were not always correctly centered when the loupe was vertically larger than the 100% photo height.
[info] There are no major KNOWN issues (if you have problems, please feed back!) except for the fact that it does not work correctly when sandboxed (for the app store), yet. I hope to have time and energy soon, to complete this. (Pushed back expiration date.)
Version 3.0b1
[new] Huge clean-up in the innards to make the app (presumably) App Store ready: shootShifter now requires Mac OS X.7 Lion (and probably the App Store with the full release).
[new] The EXIF digitized date is now fully supported. I.e. its possible to independently configure the way this date is changed.
*!* If you customized the date changes in the past please verify with the new options. *!*
[new] Added information popover for the currently selected photo (cmd+i). It mainly displays all the different type of dates and how they will be changed on "save".
[new] Added a full screen photo preview and slideshow (cmd+f, space or double clicking central preview). You can navigate the photos with the toolbar or cursor-left/right. (Double clicking any preview to open the image in Preview.app is gone, now.)
[new] Added a 100% loupe ... the pixelPeeper :-) You can toggle this with cmd+l (or toolbar button / escape) in the full screen preview. Its resizable with scrolling up/down or the magnifying gesture. Holding cmd only moves the crosshair.
[hidden] Added two unsupported shortcuts to get a complete "quick slideshow solution" for my usage : Hold cmd+shift during import to turn off thumbnail creation AND date parsing for a slideshow-only express import (much quicker at least for some images), and cmd-r in slideshow mode to toggle random play, with added cursor-up/down "non-random peek".
[new] Added option to move the currently selected file(s) to trash (cmd+backspace), so its possible to quickly get rid of the disappointing photos identified with the new preview tools.
[new] Overhauled undo support: Its now possible to undo all unsaved changes, not just the latest changes in the currently selected folder.
[new] Added (pref-)option to enable the import of individual files. This adds their respective parent folder as a "partial folder".
[new] Added (pref-)option to enable the import of movies:
This is NOT complete movie support however: I.e. you can rename them and change the filesystem dates or RIFF dates (e.g. some .AVIs), but a possible timestamp for EACH frame (e.g. some AVCHDs) stays unchanged.
[new] Added option to copy and paste dates. Pasting a date automatically opens the thumb datepicker and pre-fills it with the new date, so further adjustments are quickly possible.
[new] Added option to mark photos (cmd+1 - cmd+5) and quickly jump back to these markers (1-5), so a much quicker "rearrange thumbs workflow" is possible.
[new] Photos with unsaved changes in "Adjust separately" mode, with import changes or with a possible save/rename error are now highlighted with a little dot beneath their thumb. Its possible to quickly navigate to these highlighted photos with alt+cursor-up/down.
[new] Added option in "Adjust separately" mode to remove date changes again from a photo (multi-)selection.
[new] Enabled lion fullscreen mode. Hugely optimized the UI in the process (e.g. improved resizing behavior, larger UI, increased thumb-max-size etc.).
[workflow] Added folder selection shortcuts: Double clicking (or pressing return on) a thumbnail of an unselected folder selects this folder. Double clicking a folder selects its first photo and scrolls it in sight.
[workflow] Navigating the timeline with home-, end- pageUp- and pageDown-keys is now possible.
[workflow] Moved the "Preview Type" selection from the Preferences to the "View" menu. (Its now possible to quickly change this with alt+cmd+1 - alt+cmd+3.)
[new] Added option to override the general "Preview Type" with camera/filetype specific settings. So to optimize preview performance its e.g. possible to have all your Olympus RAW files use their EXIF previews while for the iPhone photos (where EXIF previews are quite small) these are instantly regenerated.
[new] Added option to also save "unchanged" photos (press additional alt-key when using one of the menus, or hold ctrl+alt+cmd to affect the save button). So its possible to use the automatic date adjustments (as configured in the preferences) on ALL images. The former workaround was to e.g. change dates +1 sec., save, change back -1 sec., save again. Thats not necessary anymore.
[workflow] Added a few context menus and more main menu options for easier feature access.
[fix] Updated XMP support for the "Transfer EXIF tag changes to existing XMP data" option.
[fix] Tweaked the timeline to better support overlay scrollers and elastic scrolling. Optimized performance and fixed a few display problems in the process.
[fix] Zooming the main window did not always work as expected when there were many folders imported (lion).
[fix] With the import options it is possible to set a manual date for photos without EXIF dates or with empty date tags. It was possible that these changes were not saved at all when the folder was imported directly into "Adjust separately" mode (by pressing the alt-key).
[fix] Trying to rename a folder with unsaved changes pops up an alert ("You have to save first ... do you want this?"). Depending on some pref settings it was possible that the user decision was ignored and the photos were saved in either case.
[fix] It was not possible to (multi)-select the rightmost thumb with alt/cmd + cursor-keys.
[fix] Removed a potential redraw slowdown for the bigger previews.
[more] And countless other smaller fixes, optimizations, optical tweaks and wording changes!
    >>> Complete History
Version 2.5.1
[fix] Fixed ugly timezone bug in the "Transfer EXIF tag changes to existing XMP data" option: In some situations it was possible that the timezone for the XMP dates was "off" by 1 hour. (Daylight saving time was not always accounted for correctly.)
[fix] Improved smooth scrolling/scrolling with inertia in the timeline for users with trackpads or Magic Mouse or the like.
Version 2.5
[new] Unified the interface: The drawers are gone.
[new] Resizing the main window now resizes the previews!
Very large previews are possible this way. (Do not forget to enable the "more accurate previews" option in the preferences.)
The old behavior (resizing the tableview instead) can be accomplished by ctrl resizing the app.
[new] Most date format user preferences are now honored when displaying all the dates.
[new] Added option to NOT change filesystem dates at all when modifying EXIF dates.
[update] Increased selection border width for improved recognizability.
[update] When dropping a thumb, the timeline is scrolled to keep the active thumb under the mouse pointer in every case possible.
[update] Rename templates are now sorted alphabetically.
[fix] Dragging thumbs outside the main window does not focus other app windows/potential drag targets any more.
[fix] Accessing the mode menu cleared the undo buffer, even if the mode and the active folder were not changed.
[fix] It was not possible to confirm the import option sheet with the return-key while the datepicker is active (it swallowed the key event).
[fix] It was possible to import folders using drag and drop when the app should be blocked instead due to an alert or another sheet. This could lead to unexpected behavior.
[fix] Multi thumb drag selections with very fast mouse movement could result in wrong thumbs being selected.
[fix] Double clicking an "empty" preview does not try to open a non existing or wrong photo in the Preview.app anymore.
[fix] A few other minor fixes and tweaks.
[testing] I extended my sample photo database: shootShifter is now tested successfully with JPEG files from 336 and RAW files from 79 different cameras.
However if you have any photos that do not work as expected (e.g. other apps show EXIF dates, but shootShifter does not), it would be great if you could send me one (or more) example files for debugging purposes.
Version 2.0
[fix] Added support for another rare image file special case where the EXIF date was not recognized.
[fix] Fixed a few minor UI issues concerning photos without or with empty EXIF tag.
[fix] Fixed a bug that could prevent a multi thumb drag selection with the mouse.
[update] A few drag selection optimizations and performance improvements.
Version 2.0b1
[new] Added a second date change mode making it possible to change individual photos and photo groups instead of only changing all photos inside a folder at the same time.
[new] Added option to transfer EXIF changes to already existing XMP data. When using shootShifter on photos with included XMP data (or with .xmp sidecar files) this option can be enabled in the preferences. This is a bit more time consuming and therefore optional.
[new] Renaming photos now searches for potential .xmp sidecar files and renames them, too.
[update] There are special situations when renaming can result in naming-conflicts (e.g. when photos without EXIF dates are ignored or when files cannot be renamed due to missing permissions). These situations are handled better with helpful error messages. Renaming again with updated options now behaves correctly in these cases, too.
[workflow] Several UI tweaks concerning keyboard navigation and drag scrolling in the timeline.
[workflow] More UI optimizations in the preferences to increase consistency and to further reduce the first-sight-intimidation. :-)
[fix] Changing the filesystem dates is now reliable on Snow Leopard, too.
[fix] Thumb and preview images were sometimes very blurry on Snow Leopard.
[fix] Fixed very rare cases where a temporary preview was not updated correctly with the more detailed generated one.
[fix] Using the thumb datepicker and canceling it could result in the changes-UI being reset.
[fix] Removing a folder during its import was not always successfully prevented. This could result in a crash or in weird behavior.
[fix] In some situations it was not possible to confirm the rename/save sheet with the return-key.
[fix] Fixed another small oversight in the english localization (checkboxes behaving like radio buttons in the prefs).
[fix] Fixed a few memory leaks.
[fix] A few other minor fixes and tweaks.
Version 1.1.1
[fix] Fixed a STUPID bug introduced in the last version that could result in very slow scrolling performance in the timeline.
[fix] Removed a possible display glitch in the timeline.
[fix] Fixed a possible crash when quick navigating the selected folder with "alt + cursor-left/right".
Version 1.1
[new] Added option to set a start value for the rename counter (just once, or every time).
[new] Added option to directly set the new date for a photo in the selected folder (double click its thumb). All other photos in the same folder are changed accordingly.
[workflow] Optimized the UI to better distinguish between renaming and saving date changes. I hope its more clear now, right from the beginning, whats going on.
[update] EXIF data reading optimized to support some more rare .jpeg variants.
[update] Improved error handling for protected files: Smooth import, meaningful error messages and no more crashes.
[fix] The small "cancel date changes" button now works in the english localization, too.
[fix] When removing a folder from the app it was possible that wrong previews were displayed temporarily.
[fix] Previewing photos that were deleted in the finder after import resulted in a crash.
[fix] A few other minor fixes and UI tweaks.
Version 1.0.3
[fix] Worked around some silly display problems:
> The shadows of the drawers are now correctly updated EVERY time the app changes the active/inactive state.
> In some situations the selected photo was not highlighted correctly in the preview drawer.
> In some situations the textfields in the preview drawer had the wrong background color.
Version 1.0.2
[fix] Sony DSC-R1 raw files are now fully supported: There were problems modifying the EXIF creation date.
[fix] Rearranging photos in the timeline resulted in several unnecessary redraws in the preview drawer.
Version 1.0.1
[fix] In some situations some photos were left unmodified in larger folders.
[fix] Slightly improved the rename template interface: It was difficult to place the cursor between two template elements using the mouse.
Version 1.0
  First non-beta release: Removed the expiration date.
[fix] Raw-support is a little bit less system dependent: A few raws were recognized in tiger but not in leopard anymore.
[fix] Removed a few small inconsistencies in the UI.
Version 1.0b9
[workflow] Import options for photos without EXIF tag (or with empty EXIF tag) can be adjusted during import. No need to use the preferences before the import.
[workflow] Optional rename option prompt when saving/renaming. No need to adjust these settings in the preferences every time.
[new] Its now possible to configure how the dates are changed.
[new] Cosmetical changes for leopard like 512 pixel icon, new drop target icon, etc.
[new] Added "ugly but fast" display option for the large previews.
[fix] Zooming the main window now resizes as expected and correctly redraws the preview drawer content.
[fix] No more messages in the console when there are non-image files or folders in a dropped folder.
[fix] Better support for photos with just the EXIF modification date.
[fix] Some photos with included XMP data could not be saved on Leopard. (For the time being XMP data is completely ignored, again!)
[fix] Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the photo selection very fast.
[fix] Fixed annoying memory leak when saving date changes.
[fix] A few more small bugs removed.
Version 1.0b8
[fix] Leopard fix: shootShifter actually launches now! :-)
Version 1.0b7
[new] Improved rename interface for more ease of use and more flexibility at the same time.
[new] Added fast(er) import option: hold down cmd-key to suppress thumbnail creation during import. This helps if you just want to rename pics.
[fix] Fixed a few small bugs.
Version 1.0b6
[new] Initial public release.
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